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Desire Sensibility

by Narazaki Souta (Author/Artist)

What could possibly happen between two - working at a call center answering phones all day? Kosugi is a part-time worker and his boss, Ogata, is anything but nice. He is always unapproachable, mean and strict. Scolding Kosugi all the time even though he's always trying his hardest. Meanwhile, his coworker, Kaminuma has his eye on Kosugi, and somehow that seems to bother Ogata. Kaminuma plays his game too well, and he seems to be abusing his authority too much. Would this be considered a sexual harassment at the work place and does Ogata actually care about Kosugi

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi


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Desire Sensibility (Yaoi) Paperback – September 14, 2010

ISBN-10: 1569700753   ISBN-13: 9781569700754

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Amazon New Desire Sensibility (Yaoi) $9.49
Amazon New Desire Sensibility (Yaoi) $12.95
Walmart New Desire Sensibility (Yaoi) $17.01
Ebay New Desire Sensibility by Souta Narazaki 2010 Paperback $29.99