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by Mochizuki Jun (Author/Artist)

Rescued from the darkness by Xeno, a mysterious swordsman, Claudia the Rose Witch is the foundation of the Crimson-Shell, a special division of the Red Rose'an organization aiming to capture the results of one mad scientist's experiments, the deadly Black Roses. But when Xeno's loyalties are called into question, will Claudia be strong enough to believe in her dearest friend' And what is the color of the rose blooming in Xeno's heart'a deep, passionate crimson'or a traitorous jet-black


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Crimson-Shell Paperback – November 17, 2009

ISBN-10: 0759531153   ISBN-13: 9780759531154

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Ebay Good Crimson-Shell $3.97
Ebay New Crimson-Shell $4.74
Amazon New Crimson-Shell $10.96
Amazon New Crimson-Shell $10.96
Ebay New CRIMSON-SHELL Mint Condition $15.49
Walmart New Crimson-Shell $17.28
Ebay New Crimson-Shell by Jun Mochizuki $42.44