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Can't Win With You

by Takaguchi Satosumi (Author), Honami Yukine (Artist)

Yuuhi-kun planned to build a soccer field on the piece of mountain land that was his inheritance, but when his brother's elite Shuuiku Academy needed a new campus, Yuuhi was forced to reconsider. Now he finds himself both the landlord, and a student at the school! Needless to say, the other students are none too happy about being shipped out to the boonies, so Yuuhi ' AKA 'chicken-head' ' has become the object of their collective ire. But there's something about the country bumpkin that has many students eyeing Yuuhi in a different way... a way that makes him very uncomfortable. Seems there's a lot more than 'book-learnin'? going on at this school, and Yuuhi's about to get a whole 'nuther kind of education


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Can't Win With You Vol. 3 (Yaoi) (v. 3) Paperback – March 28, 2008

ISBN-10: 1569708215   ISBN-13: 9781569708217

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Ebay Good Cant Win With You Volume 3 Yaoi v 3 $3.99
Ebay New NEW - Cant Win With You Volume 3 Yaoi v 3 by Takaguchi Satosumi $8.58
Amazon New Can't Win With You Vol. 3 (Yaoi) (v. 3) $12.93
Amazon New Can't Win With You Volume 3 (Yaoi) (v. 3) $12.95