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But I'm Your Teacher

by Takakura Row (Author/Artist)

1-2) Student's Request Teacher's Duty

Yahiro sensei is adored by all of his students, especially the girls, but it's male student Koga that Yahiro can't stop thinking about. But as much as they love each other, Yahiro knows that the affections of a teenager can be precarious

3) Sakase! Takae no Hana

Nozomu's father has recently remarried, and his new step brother is super popular Sudou sempai. Sempai is very affectionate with his new little brother, and Nozomu's trying not to let the attention go to his head

4) Honey Happy Baby

Yui Tomoya was looking forward to a special date with his older boyfriend Tsukasa, but is thrown off track when he's forced to babysit his niece Ayumi. And why doesn't Tsukasa seem to mind the interruption..

5) Voice Box

High school escort Atsushi gets surprise when his beautiful-voiced client is a journalist looking for a good story. But after a night of gentle passion, the journalist disappears leaving Atsushi wanting more. Will he ever meet his mystery man again?

6) Scandal Kiss

Stuntman Hideto has been dating famous actor Katsuya, a former ladies man for a while now, but his feelings of jealousy at seeing Katsuya with other women are becoming too much to control. Is it really just for work

7) The View Through the Lens

American photographer and ex-felon Rob Dain picks up young orphan immigrant Tohru one snowy night. Making Tohru his model, he obsessively photographs the teenager, but his one true desire is to see Tohru's aroused face. How far is Dain willing to go to see his dark desires fulfilled

'MEGA EROS' edition (Enterbrain) have additional story

8-10) Best Place


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But I'm Your Teacher Paperback – July 4, 2006

ISBN-10: 1586558056   ISBN-13: 9781586558055

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Amazon New But I'm Your Teacher $9.30
Amazon New But I'm Your Teacher $9.30
Walmart New But, I'm Your Teacher $13.09
Ebay Very Good BUT IM YOUR TEACHER By Row Takakura Excellent Condition $22.75
Ebay New BUT IM YOUR TEACHER By Row Takakura BRAND NEW $22.95