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Boyfriend in Heat

by SAKIRA (Author), Sakira (Artist)

Collection of oneshots

1) Punishment Sweets

Misaki forgets his boyfriend Rui's birthday, how can he make it up to him

2) Love Fever Boy

3) Hot-to-Trot♥Boyfriend

4) Phantom♥Boyfriend?

5) Love♥Fighter

6) Oppai Fighter

7) Himura-sensei no Junan (The Suffering of Dr. Himura

Himura Yuu is a high-school doctor with a serious shota complex and there's only one person standing in the way of his virtual smorgasbord; his colleague, Ashiya. Himura is clueless as to why Ashiya interrupts him everyday, but when he learns of their previous connection, things become all too clear

8) Himura-sensei no Moekare (Himura-sensei's Moe Boyfriend

9) Lonely Little Bird

10) Love♥Love Je t'aime

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