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Black-winged Love

by Yamashita Tomoko (Author/Artist)

A series of one-shots with a focus on how people around the protagonists deal with knowing someone who's homosexual, rather than the gay relationship itself. The subject matter ranges from schoolboy love (one with unexpected results and one that's more traditional of the genre) to coming out to your family

A protective sister tries to stop a group of homophobes from harassing her gay brother. Little does she know that the object of her brother's affections is none other than their leader. Meanwhile, slick young student Kanome finds his crush studying in the library with no one else around and he decides that now is his moment. All he has to do is say the right words to score a little bit of action. Another teenager named Minori anguishes over whether to reveal his lifestyle to his family. He decides no one is ready for that, but his sister jumps the gun and outs him at the dinner table. Will the family be able to accept him or has Minori forever torn his family apart? These are but a few stories in this fascinating compilation of shorts featuring flirting, heartbreak, unreciprocated devotion, unfulfilled sexual passion, and more


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Black-Winged Love Paperback – November 24, 2009

ISBN-10: 1600093248   ISBN-13: 9781600093241

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Amazon New Black-Winged Love $11.99
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Ebay New Black-Winged Love by Tomoko Yamashita 2009 Paperback $14.99
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