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Appleseed Alpha

by Kuroda Iou (Author/Artist)

This appears to be a manga adaptation of the 2014 film, Appleseed Alpha, which seems to be an alternate telling of the main characters' origins. In the world of Appleseed, a third world war has left the world in ruins. This alternate story begins with Deunan Knute and Briareos traveling together as lovers, with Briareos already as a full cyborg. They arrive at the ruins of NYC, where they meet the local leader, Two-Horns, who gets them involved in the local situation. [tethysdust


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Appleseed Alpha Hardcover – July 4, 2017

ISBN-10: 1632362015   ISBN-13: 9781632362018

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Amazon New Appleseed Alpha $16.99
Amazon New Appleseed Alpha $16.99
Walmart New Appleseed Alpha: Alpha $16.99
Ebay New Appleseed Alpha Appleseed 1 by Iou Kuroda 2017 Hardcover $19.10
Ebay New Appleseed Alpha Hardcover by Kuroda Iou $19.76
Walmart New Appleseed Alpha $19.99
Ebay New Appleseed Alpha by Shirow Masamune English Hardcover Book Free Shipping $20.56
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