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Ambiguous Relationship

by Minase Masara (Author/Artist)

1) Aimai na Kankei (Ambiguous Relationship

Satoru, a single businessman, had lived alone since high school. One rainy night, Satoru picks up a high-school male stranger and give him shelter. Little does Satoru know that this high-school boy might be his dream filled escapade. After all..

2) Yasashiku Toraete (Capture Gently

In this sequel to Aimai na Kankei businessman Satoru is living with his highschool lover, Reiji. Reiji's brother is trying to convince him to come home. Will Satoru be able to hold onto him, or is letting him go the right thing to do

3) Itsuwari no Daishou (False Compensation

When teenager Mahito sees his father and his father's secretary Kazaoka having sex, Kazaoka is sure that Mahito hates him. But then Mahito's father dies and he takes over the company and Kazaoka

4) Man On

Oono will do anything to get Nagumo by his side

5) Kodomo Ijou Otona Miman (More than a Kid, Less than an Adult

15 year old Kotarou still goes to his childhood pediatrician when he's sick. Or does he have another motive

6) Sweet Restraint

Atsushi's father's company is in trouble and Fukami will help, but only if he gets Atsushi

7) Miracles Don't Happen

When Oosuga's internship is up the salary man Andou who Oosuga's been lusting after invites him to his place for the night. Oosuga's in heaven, but then Andou gives him money?

8) Mijuku na Kareshi (Inexperienced Boyfriend

Continuation of Miracles Don't Happen

Genres: Drama, Yaoi