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God of Dogs

by Ishihara Satoru (Author/Artist)

After their Chinese mafia heir commits suicide, the Caijia clan has a new mission. To protect the purity of the 'dog king' bloodline, which boasts a 2000-year-long history, they must seek out the illegitimate child of the late heir
Note: This story is directly related to Charisma and is an alternate story + sequel of sorts. Having read the prequel is imperative to understanding the characters and events portrayed in Inu no Ou

Over the Rainbow

by Honda Keiko (Author/Artist)

When young lawyers Arou Bouya and Keita Daigo encounter a mysterious woman named Key at an amusment park, they are enthralled by her beauty and charm. However, when they learn that she suffers from amnesia they are compelled to help her. Before they know it, the unlikely trio is running a sucessful law firm
Whether they're helping a young woman with an unlikely harrasment claim against her, an autistic boy whose favourite poem has been stolen by a famous songwriter, or an elderly couple being forced from their home, Arou, Ketia, and Key face every problem with a smile
Even if it rains

Millennium Darling 2006

by Naruto Maki (Author/Artist)

This time around, the rowdy couple of Sentarou Katsura and Sanshirou Sakamoto suffer trials and tribulations when their mutual "friend," Youichirou Takasugi, warns Sakamoto of an inevitable break-up with Sentarou. Disturbed by this revelation, Sakamoto decides to tail Sentarou around town. But just as his "investigation"' is beginning, Sakamoto's dad visits, commanding him to marry and settle down. In fact, the bride has already been chosen: none other than Takasugi's sister
Amidst all the confusion, will Sentarou end up eating his promise of trying to do everything he can to make Sakamoto happy' And what about all the other couples' The couplings of Takasugi x Ogata, Shikibu x Tsutsumi, Todoroki x Takeru and Kitasenju x Juujou all collide in this volume -- with babies in-tow


by Yamada Keiko (Author/Artist)

Yamada''s passionate storytelling is realized through her star character, Reiji, a violin prodigy with a troubled childhood. Reiji turns to music in order to escape his abusive family, and is enrolled in a prestigious music school. There, he meets his mentor Mitsuko whose own dreams of becoming a professional musician were lost due to a tragic injury. Mitsuko''s fun-loving nature and enthusiasm for living comes up against Reiji''s intense, single-minded passion for music. But together they find a common goal in Reiji''s dreams of success. Intense rivalries unfold against the backdrop of the musical world, while Reiji''s turmoil provides heightened emotional drama

Call Me Princess

by Taniguchi Tomoko (Author/Artist)

[From CPM]
A heart-warming tale of teen romance, Miss Taniguchi's intricate art and true-to-life storytelling pull the reader into the story and won't let you go. Tomoko Taniguchi's work was previously seen in Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil.
Remember your first high school love? Everyone does. And Call Me Princess will help bring back memories of those innocent days of dreamy eyes and embarrassed blushes in classrooms and corridors. The story is told by Mako, a young freshman, as she is torn between her feelings for her first love, Yo, and newly arrived bad boy, Ryu

Go West!

by Yagami Yu (Author/Artist)

Naomi, a young Japanese woman, arrives in the Wild West in search of her parents. She doesn't know the customs of cowboys, but is not discouraged. Can a little Japanese girl survive the savage West

Times Two

by Akira Shouko (Author/Artist)

Can Kengo convince Saki that she's not too grown up to recapture the innocent excitement they felt while searching the sky for UFOs as kids

Hurrah! Sailor

by Koike Rintaro (Author), Nakane Katsuwo (Artist)

Character Design: [a]KIGA Kouichi[/a

The Gorgeous Life of Strawberry-chan

by Morinaga Ai (Author/Artist)

About a frog and her master. Her sadistic master..

The Super-Cool Life of Strawberry-chan

by Morinaga Ai (Author/Artist)

Akiyoshi attends an All-Boys Boarding School. He's young and handsome and he owns a unique talking frog named Strawberry-Chan with whom he takes out all of his frustrations. Strawberry-Chan will do anything to please Akiyoshi but all Akiyoshi wants to do is blow Strawberry-chan up like a balloon...so what could possibly make Strawberry-Chan's life super cool

Detective Conan

by Aoyama Gosho (Author/Artist)

Shinichi Kudo is a high-school student who, by using observation and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and forced to take an experimental drug. Leaving him for dead, the criminals disappear. Instead of killing him, however, the drug turns Shinichi into a little kid.
To preserve the illusion of his 'disappearance,' Shinichi adopts a new name based on his favorite author (Arthur Conan Doyle) and becomes Conan Edogawa. Ran, his (actually Shinichi's) childhood friend takes this little boy under her wing and brings him to her home
Conan now lives at a detective agency run by Ran's father, but his mind is as keen as ever and he continues to solve mysteries... always allowing Ran's father to take all the credit.
As far as everyone's concerned, Conan is just a little kid anyway... even to Ran. This is *extremely* frustrating to Conan since nobody will listen to a 'little boy.' Despite this, Conan has a mission... to find the criminals who did this to him and get the antidote to that drug
Note: Won the 46th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category in 2001

Na Na Na Na

by Harada Shoutarou (Author/Artist)

The future is full of 'Legions,' robots that serve the needs of humans. Nanami, a fresh young graduate from the technician academy, is assigned to the 7th Prescient to be the repair technician for the Legions stationed there... Or so he thinks! When he gets there, he's greeted by a Female Legion who snaps when she runs out of donuts to eat. To vent her frustration she starts throwing pieces of concrete at Nanami. Soon after, another female Legion tells Nanami that he's the new chief for the 7th Prescient. Unfortunately, the pieces of concrete that were thrown at him earlier were the remains of the 7th Prescient! Is Nanami the new chief of a pile of rubble?

Almost Highly Classified

by JTK (Author), Jtk (Artist)

Tom Anjery, vice-chief of the Almost Highly Classified Team at the GIS (Global Intelligence Services), receives an order to relocate the team's office and privately operate it independent of the GIS, due to a budget reduction. The team gets a new office in a remote village, but to appropriate the operational funds on their own, they decide to hold two jobs. With his confidants, Jay Biel, Warren X, and Louis Legstrong, Tom arranges a bar on the first floor and an office on the 2nd floor of their new building and barely manages them. But their neighbors don't seem too pleased. Meanwhile, the Baywatch team that patrols the beach cast a doubtful eye at them, and the team leader Sergio Ciprani especially gets on bad terms with Tom and his team. With many problems in front of them, the Almost Highly Classified Team faces almost highly classified cases

Hadashi no Gen

by Nakazawa Keiji (Author/Artist)

Barefoot Gen recounts the bombing of Hiroshima from the perspective of a young boy, Gen, and his family. But the book's themes (the physical and psychological damage ordinary people suffer from war's realities) ring chillingly true today. Gen and his family have long been struggling without much food, money or medicine, but despite hardships, they try to maintain a semblance of normal life. The adults are exhausted and near despair; the children take air raids and starvation more or less in stride. Nakazawa, a Hiroshima survivor, effectively portrays the strain of living in this environment and shows how efforts to stay upbeat in dire circumstances sometimes manifest as manic, irrational humor. The story offers some optimism: characters perform acts of self-sacrifice for the sake of neighbors and loved ones (e.g., when Gen's pregnant mother becomes ill from malnutrition, he and his brother pose as orphans and perform in the streets, throwing the money over the walls of their home so they won't get caught). Underneath this can-do attitude are the parents' deep guilt and sense of helplessness. When the children clamor ecstatically over a scrap of food, the parents dissolve in shame and grief. The art is sharply drawn and expressive, and the narrative has such a natural rhythm, it's easy to get pulled into the family's life, making the cataclysm readers know awaits them all the more real, intimate and difficult to take. Despite its harrowing nature, this work is invaluable for the lessons it offers in history, humanity and compassion