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by Gokurakuin Sakurako (Author/Artist)

Minato is a total loser. He's failed to make it into college twice, he's unpopular with women, and he's unemployed. He seems like the classic-useless-shounen-harem-male-lead..

In truth, however he's actually an Ashikabi--one of a mysterious set of "masters" in an awesome battle royale between hordes of cute girls called "Sekirei."

Since this is an ecchi manga, with their attacks they often happen to... you guessed it--ripping each others' clothes off! Looks like his luck's taken a turn for the better

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Sekirei, Vol. 4 Paperback – April 17, 2018

ISBN-10: 0316447617   ISBN-13: 9780316447614

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Ebay Very Good Sekirei Vol 4 by Sakurako Gokurakuin 2018 Paperback R16 $13.00
Walmart New Sekirei, Vol. 4 $18.14
Ebay New Sekirei 4 Paperback by Gokurakuin Sakurako ISBN 0316447617 ISBN-13 978031 $18.88
Ebay New Sekirei Vol 4 by Sakurako Gokurakuin Paperback Book Free Shipping $19.36
Ebay New SEKIREI VOL 4 $20.35
Amazon New Sekirei, Vol. 4 $24.00
Amazon New Sekirei, Vol. 4 $24.00
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