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Not Lives

by Karasuma Wataru (Author/Artist)

Mikami is only in high school but he is a game designer genius. He has created many popular games ranging from RPG to action to even puzzle games. From a classmate's request, he decides his next project will be a romance game so he begins to gather research material that will help him make another hit game. But when Mikami gets home, he finds a game called Not Alive that he doesn?t remember getting and curiously, he plays the game and the next thing he knows, the CD goes inside him and he has turned into a girl

Note: The chapter numbering between the magazine and tankobon versions are different because Chapter 1 was split up into two parts in the magazine, but put together in the tankobon version

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Not Lives Vol. 2 Paperback – June 21, 2016

ISBN-10: 1626923116   ISBN-13: 9781626923119

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Ebay Good Not Lives Vol 2 $5.04
Amazon New Not Lives Vol. 2 $7.14
Amazon New Not Lives Vol. 2 $7.14
Ebay New Not Lives Vol 2 Karasuma Wataru Excellent 2016-06-21 $7.99
Walmart New Not Lives 2 $8.96
Walmart New Not Lives, Volume 2 $11.24
Walmart New Not Lives 2 $12.98
Ebay Very Good NOT LIVES VOL 2 By Wataru Karasuma Excellent Condition $13.75
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