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Big Order

by Esuno Sakae (Author/Artist)

10 years ago a child wished for the destruction of the world. Now a Group of people has the ability which grants their wishes depending on their power.

They are called "Order User". Before these great people who has the power of "Order", one person excels most, with the ability to rule and conquer the world and turn people into puppets when it is on his Jurisdiction. That power belongs to Hoshimiya Eiji, who is also responsible with the destructive phenomena happened exactly 10 years ago

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Big Order, Vol. 4 Paperback – January 23, 2018

ISBN-10: 0316435880   ISBN-13: 9780316435888

Merchant Condition Listing Price
Ebay New Big Order 4 Paperback by Esuno Sakae ISBN 0316435880 ISBN-13 9780316435888 $16.25
Walmart New Big Order 4 $16.80
Ebay New Big Order Big Order Vol 4 4 by Sakae Esuno 2018 Paperback $17.17
Ebay New Big Order Vol 4 by Sakae Esuno Paperback Book Free Shipping $17.21
Walmart New Big Order, Vol. 4 $18.79
Ebay New BIG ORDER VOLUME 4 $19.49
Amazon New Big Order, Vol. 4 $22.00
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