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A Drunken Dream

by Hagio Moto (Author/Artist)

A Drunken Dream, is a collection of literary short stories by Hagio falling into multiple genres, created between 1971-2007. The stories were selected by translator Matt Thorn to be an introduction to Hagio for English speakers

This tome travels through several of Hagio's most revolutionary and poignant tales that span over the years of her lush career

' Bianca (1970, 16 pages

' Girl on Porch with Puppy (1971, 12 pages

' Autumn Journey (1971, 24 pages

A boy's pilgrimage to the home of his favorite author has more meaning than either the author or his daughter can imagine

' Marié, Ten Years Later (1977, 16 pages

Two estranged friends learn too late how their actions had destroyed the balance of a perfect triad of intimacy

' A Drunken Dream (1980, 21 pages

Two scientists'one a hermaphrodite, the other a tribal priest'meet on a space station orbiting Io; but they have met before and are destined to meet again

' Hanshin (1984, 16 pages

Conjoined twins Yudy and Yucy are as different as possible. Older Yudy is intelligent but ugly, as her nutrients are used up by her beautiful but simpleminded sister Yucy. Loving and hating so deeply, where does one girl begin and the other end'

' Angel Mimic (1984, 50 pages

' Iguana Girl (1991, 50 pages

A girl who appears to her mother and herself to be a hideous anthropoid iguana struggles to overcome her mother's rejection and find happiness ... but her mother has a secret

' The Child Who Comes Home (1998, 24 pages

? The Willow Tree (2007, 20 pages

A woman stands day to day under a growing willow tree and watches the people who pass by..


The volume has been nominated for an Eisner Award

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