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Yakitate!! Japan

by Hashiguchi Takashi (Author/Artist)

England. France. Germany. What common thread binds these three nations together' Answer: each is famous for producing unique, distinctive, delicious bread
But what of the island nation of Japan, home to rice and delicacies of the sea' Is there not a doughy, gastronomic delight they can claim as their own? The answer is no...until now
Kazuma Azuma, a 16-year-old boy blessed with otherworldly baking powers, has taken it upon himself to create Ja-pan, the national bread of the land of the rising sun
Note: Won the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shounen category

Yakuza In Love

by Kano Shiuko (Author/Artist)

Volume 1
1-4) Yakuza In Love
With his gambler grandfather dead, Ichimura Aoi decides to join the yakuza with the letter of recommendation left behind by his grandfather. After saving the Don's life, Ichimura gets on the fast track of success. Now he has been given a very important job to fulfil, to be the apprentice of the infamous under-boss Sakiya Yuji. Will he survive his posting even though he has managed to get by with just his intimidating looks till now?
5) Flower Gang Party
Short extra. Mostly character profiles.
6) Hanagumi Memories
Authour discusses Takarazuka Troupe, the famous all women musical group in Japan.
Volume 2
1-2) Yakuza In Love
Ichimura learns that his grandfather was quite the tattooist in his day from the gang's doctor. Sakiya doubts the loyalty of Ichimura after finding out that the Don has been sending expensive gifts to the latter.
3) Liar
Ozawa Junki is recuperating in Karasuma Chihiro's place after being stabbed by his lover's wife.
4) Saved
Kohei is worried about Misaki his object of desire. She seems lonely and lost despite acting out and fraternising with various older partners.
Volume 3
1-2) Yakuza In Love
Karasuma is desperate to get Ozawa back after learning that he has been captured by Azuma and the Don's gang.
3) Boys Game
Alternate ending of the scene where Karasuma saves Ozawa.
4) The Animal's Banquet
Short extra that took place just before Iwaki Issei's visit to Sakiya's place.
5) Let's Go Get A Blood Test
Karasuma and Ozawa decide to get a blood test before his release from the hospital.
6) Pride
Ichimura finally gets his own tattoo, yakuza style. Sakiya is against it but Ichimura's insistence to show his love and loyalty won him over. (This was also published as chapter 4 of volume 3 of Deki no Ii Kiss, Warui Kiss
7) Merry Christmas
Ozawa gets his little Christmas gift and realises something important

Yamada and the Seven Witches

by Yoshikawa Miki (Author/Artist)

Ryuu Yamada is a second-year student at Suzaku High. Ryuu is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. His life is a dead bore. The beautiful Urara Shiraishi, on the other hand, is Suzaku High's brightest student. One day, without explanation, their bodies are swapped! Ryuu ends up in Urara's body, and Urara in Ryuu's

Yami no Matsuei

by Matsushita Yoko (Author/Artist)

The business of Death is never done. Asato Tsuzuki works as a Shinigami, or "Guardian of Death," in the Ministry of Hades. It's his duty to make sure that the souls of the dead reach the afterlife, but contrary ghosts and humanity's evils keep getting in the way of a job well done. With all these problem assignments, will he ever get a bonus... or will he be stuck paying back damages for all eternity

Yebisu Celebrities

by Iwamoto Kaoru (Author), Fuwa Shinri (Artist)

At a design firm called Yebisu Graphics, only the best ' and the best looking ' are accepted. It's a place for classy design, classy society, and classy love affairs. The cute new part-timer, Haruka Fujinami, happens to catch his boss's eye? Is he only getting teased, or is there something more between them


by Tateno Makoto (Author/Artist)

Definitely straight Taki and openly gay Goh are an expert team of "snatchers" hired by the police to steal from the mafia. Lately, Goh has been more interested in acquiring Taki than in the usual caches of arms and drugs. Will Taki and Goh become a new kind of partners
Yellow Volume 2 marks the return of our heroes Goh and Taki to infiltrate the Japanese narcotics trade. This time, they're after your garden variety heroin that's being floated to Japan in a most unique way. Bullets will fly and Goh and Taki - preoccupied with their budding relationship and the reappearance of past flames - may not be able to avoid the crossfire
In volume 3, Goh and Taki work as underground drugs and arms snatchers! Their fate begins to twist when people that claim to be Taki's foster parents show up. As Taki's mysterious past becomes unraveled, the two become exceedingly closer
The curtains for the shocking final stage are drawn in volume 4. Just when their love for each other was finally realized, Gou and Taki's relationship is torn apart by the killer Sandfish. It's now time to come to terms with Taki's dark past... This title includes a newly drawn honeymoon episode you can only see here
DMP also licensed three small volumes entitled "Yellow 2." These short stories come after the series

Yokai Girls

by Funatsu Kazuki (Author/Artist)

Nishizuru Yakki is a permanent part-timer, regular customer in a maid-cafe, and 20-year-old virgin. What makes him special is his ability to see ghosts. But ghosts are not monsters, they are mostly harmless. At least our hero can live by simply ignoring them. Yakki never believed in monsters until the day when he meets the girl named Rokka. This cheerful girl appears to have a secret..

Yokai Rental Shop

by Mashiba Shin (Author/Artist)

A young man named Hiiragi has recently learned that he has a half-brother. Seeking him out, he not only finds the brother he never knew, but discovers he is a mysterious individual covered in bandages who runs an exclusive rare animal pet shop. But this unique shop is itself a front for something even more mysterious: a secret shop where customers in-the-know can sign a contract forged in blood and rent out yokai for their own singular purposes

Yokai's Hunger

by Naono Bohra (Author/Artist)

In the midst of several youkai characters with tremendous manifestations juggles a handsome 17-year-old Norito whose fate is tied to that of Tengu Koma's who, in turn, does his best to protect his younger human lover against the dark forces that seem to haunt him day in, day out
Extra story "Climax S


by Tateno Makoto (Author/Artist)

Charon's lead vocalist Akira wants to sing a song written by Sunaga, a famous actor but Sunaga requests Akira's body as payment for that song... Sunaga has great musical talent but he has a careless attitude towards everything, Akira is angry with Sunaga's easygoing attitude, but can't help himself from feeling..
The 6th chapter is an oneshot named Sensimilla
English publication via Renta

Yokan: Premonition-Noise

by Tateno Makoto (Author/Artist)

Akira, the charismatic vocalist of CHARON, is totally fascinated with the legendary band, NUN's vocalist, Hiroya. After NUN disbanded, Hiroya switched to acting until Akira pulled him back to the music world. And even though the two lovers are now music rivals, they bring out the best in each other both in bed and out. However, Hiroya still carries a heavy baggage from his past?!


by Tsutsui Tetsuya (Author/Artist)

The anti-cybercrime section of Tokyo is on the edge. A man wearing a newspaper mask posts videos online predicting the worst crimes: rapes, assaults, fires..
The twist' The day after, his prophecies have been completed on the front of the TV news. Who is he
How does he do this' What are his motivations, his ambitions? It's the start of a race against time which leads the inspectors to an empty seat in a cybercafe in the outskirts of Tokyo. But while the investigation is blocked, the popular support grows around this mysterious figure. Dropouts, employees tyrannized by their hierarchy, web users accustomed to chat and forums discussions: more and more are finding themselves included in his fight

Yona of the Dawn

by Kusanagi Mizuho (Author/Artist)

As the red-headed princess of Kouka, Yona lived the ideal, though sheltered, life within the walls of Hiryuu (Red Dragon) Castle. Doted on by her pacifist and cowardly father, King Il, and protected by her childhood friend/bodyguard, Son Hak of the Wind Tribe, (who has loved her since they were kids, but keeps his feelings in check). She cherishes the time she spends with the "love-of-her-life" (and older cousin), Soo-won. Though, on the night of her 16th birthday, everything changes when she witnessed someone close to her, murder her father. Now on the run, with Hak by her side, she seeks out a legend turned real. Join The Dark Dragon and the Happy, Hungry Bunch (Hak, Yona, Yoon, Gija, Shin-ah, Ao, Jae-ha, and Zeno) on their action-packed, comedic and love-complicated adventure, as they change Kouka from the outside


by Azuma Kiyohiko (Author/Artist)

Yotsuba is a strange little girl with a big personality. Even in the most trivial, unremarkable encounters, Yotsuba's curiosity and enthusiasm quickly turn the everyday into the extraordinary
Note: Won an Excellence Award for Manga at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival. Was nominated in 2008 for the 12th Osamu Tezuka Culture Award, the Eisner Award "Best Publication for Kids" category and was runner-up for the first annual Manga Taishō award in 2008. Was nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2016

You Make My Head Spin

by Mishima Kazuhiko (Author/Artist)

As a transfer student to a rough, run-down school populate by delinquents, Shindou tries his best to make friends. When he meets the ill-mannered Yousuke, heartbeats and tempers start to fly! It seems Yousuke is a "tsundere"--his gruff exterior hides a shy, sensitive side--and Shindou immediately finds himself dizzy over his combative new crush. Can Yousuke accept a relationship that goes against his tough-guy image? Or will his tendency to lash out at everyone around him drive even the earnest Shindou away for good