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J-BOY by Biblos

by Various Authors (Author), Various Artists (Artist)

Collection of oneshots
1) Indecent Encouter by Haruka Minami
2) We Will Love by Kana Mizuki
3) Go! Conflict Management Unit by Tsubaki Mikage
4) The Pale and Wavering Sketch by Waka Sagami
5) The Summer and the Nostalgia by Yukimura
The Proper Way to Raise a Pet by Ruiko
7) Pretend Lovers - Secret Slave by Aya Shouoto
8) Getting Along by Nanao Okuda
9) We Have a Hero in Our Hearts by Terako Tsukimoto
10) Spiteful Cooking by Naduki Koujima
A continuation of a side story included in Our Kingdom
11) Neko Samurai - Ocean Barrier by Danji Kyushu
12) The Troubles of Kurashina-sensei by Natsuho Shino
(A chapter in the first volume of Kurashina Sensei's Passion.
13) Thief x Thief by Homerun Ken
Also published in Clan of the Nakagamis
14) Our Relationship by Naduki Koujima
A continuation of the story of two secondary characters from Our Kingdom
15) Loving Boys Boarding School by Danji Kyushu
16) Here in Magic Land by Hirono Suzuhara
17) Rabbit Ear Kindergarten by Yogorouta Kamei
18) Shadows of the Forest by the Quiet Lakeside by Sakyou Yozakura

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

by Toriyama Akira (Author/Artist)

Note: Included is a special/bonus story called Dragon Ball − (Minus)

Japan as Viewed by 17 Creators

by Various Authors (Author), Various Artists (Artist)

Seventeen authors (nine from France or French-speaking countries, eight from Japan) brought together in the same book, a succession of freely created short stories about the same universe: Japan
The French, of course, journeyed to Japan for the occasion. Each cartoonist was sent for two weeks to a different city in the archipelago (Joann Sfar in Tôkyô, Emmanuel Guibert in Kyôto, Nicolas de Crécy in Nagoya, etc.) to bring back an original creation
The Japanese tell us about their district, the city where they live or where they originally come from (Kazuichi Hanawa's story being about the northern island of Hokkaido, Jiro Taniguchi's about the town of Tottori, etc.
The result is often inspired, always surprising: Japan through new eyes
"Japan" will appear simultaneously in French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and English. Along with "A Patch Of Dreams" by Hideji Oda, it is the first step in a series of international creations with left-to-right reading direction, created for us by some of the best European and Japanese comic book artists
List of included short stories
At the Seaside - TAKAHAMA Kan
The Gateway - David Prudhomme
Summer Sky - TANIGUCHI Jiro
Now I Can Die! - Aurélia Aurita
Osaka 2034 - François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters
Shin.Ichi. - Emmanual Guibert
The New Gods - Nicolas de Crécy
Kankichi - MATSUMOTO Taiyou
The Tokyo of Qualtérou - Joann Sfar
The Sunflower - Little Fish
The Song of the Crickets - ANNO Moyoco
In Love Alley - Frédéric Boilet
The City of Trees - Fabrice Neaud
The Festival of the Bell-Horses - IGARASHI Daisuke
In the Deep Forest - HANAWA Kazuichi
Sapporo Fiction - Étienne Davodeau


by Maeda Sakae (Author), Takamure Tamotsu (Artist)

Narusawa and Naoki have way-overstepped the bounds of their doctor-patient relationship. Naoki is instantly attracted to Narusawa, and will stop at nothing to be together with him. One glance into Naoki's despaired eyes and Narusawa caves for Naoki's advances. Will this relationship go beyond a simple fling


by Nigoshi Toshimi (Author/Artist)

Aoi is a Ravant, an artificially created human with a limited lifespan. He works as a courier who traverses long distances in impossibly short periods of time, by crossing through the Jihai (wasteland), where supposedly nothing can live. When a delivery goes awry and the recipient tries to kill him, Aoi is rescued and taken to a town with an orphanage that isn't at all what it seems. Most of the kids there have some special, super-human ability. Will the people and children of this town be allies in Aoi's search for vengance... or an even greater threat

Jing: King of Bandits - Twilight Tales

by Kumakura Yuichi (Author/Artist)

Take a fantastical, far-out journey in the out-of-this-world adventures of Jing and his feisty, feathered friend Kir. Twilight Tales is an awesome new series with a fresh, original look for our heroes! When Jing sets his sights on a valuable jewel in the coffin of a notorious mafia boss, is he really playing with fire? Will Jing get away with it all, or does Cosa Nostra's reach extend beyond the grave

Jiu Jiu

by Tobina Touya (Author/Artist)

The Hachiouji family hunts demons in the darkness. The heiress of the Hachiouji family, Takamichi, lost her older brother at a very young age. She isolates herself, but, one evening, two werewolf pups are given to her. After just a few years, they have grown quickly, and they even go to the same senior high school that she does

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

by Araki Hirohiko (Author/Artist)

An epic horror-action-adventure! Spanning the generations of the Joestar family, each arc focuses on a certain member of the family and his/her battles with vampires, super vampires, and other Stand users
1: Phantom Blood - Jonathan Joestar
2: Battle Tendency - Joseph Joestar
3: Stardust Crusaders - Jotaro Kujo
4: Diamond wa Kudakenai (Diamond Is Unbreakable) - Josuke Higashikata
5: Vento Aureo - Giorno Giovana
6: Stone Ocean - Jolyne Kujo
7: Steel Ball Run (AU of Phantom Blood) - Johnny Joestar (alternate universe Jonathan Joestar) & Gyro Zeppeli (alternate version
8: JoJorion (AU of Diamond wa Kudakenai) - Josuke Higashikata (alternate version) & Yasuho Hirose (alternate universe Koichi Hirose


by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (Author/Artist)

Guided by visions of La Pucelle (the name given to Joan by followers), Emil seeks to unite France under the divine rule of the King. In her quest, Emil goes to the same places Joan had traveled through, and gains her own followers in the process. However, Emil is opposed by the dauphin Louis, a brute enforcer who fears no divine power and wishes to make his own bid to rule the country
Joan is ComicsOne's first all color comic book
The publisher recommends this book for readers over 15 years old


by Takahashi Keitarou (Author/Artist)

Jonah is a child soldier, born amidst the chaotic conflicts that rage across West Asia, his family lost to a war fueled by weapons supplied by the so-called Merchants of Death--international arms dealers. Despite Jonah's hatred of weapons and violence, he employs both extremely well in the service of high-flying arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar and her band of mercenaries. Their journey through the dark underbelly of the world's arms markets may lead only to damnation, but will Jonah one day make his way back to the light? Only one thing is certain: it's going to be a long, hard road out of hell..

Juana and the Dragonewt's Seven Kingdoms

by Tanaka Kiyohisa (Author/Artist)

In a fantastical future, humans are no longer the dominant species and dragons have evolved to become rulers of the world we once knew. Dragonewt is an archaeologist who is fascinated with his studies of the past. When he finds a young human girl he names Juana, he adopts her, and together the two explore this magical world of the Seven Kingdoms


by Minazuki Suu (Author/Artist)

Salvation may be at hand, but now is the time for prayer... Judas, cursed for his sins, is the spirit of Death--he is without form, and has enslaved young Eve to carry out the most heinous of acts. Together in spirit and body, they must slay 666 people--so that Judas can regain his humanity


by Tonogai Yoshiki (Author/Artist)

A young man, driven by jealousy over love, tells a lie that accidentally results in the death of his older brother. Some time later, Hiro is kidnapped and confined to a room with eight other people, each wearing a grotesque animal mask. Their kidnapper informs them that their time has come to be judged for their "sins"--and that they will have to judge one another. Every twelve hours, the captives must choose who among them will die...and only four will remain alive when all is through..

Juicy Cider

by Shinba Rize (Author/Artist)

High-schooler Takayuki is considered a cool elite; all his peers are sure his thoughts are about nothing but serious, important subjects. However, they're mostly just wild fantasies about his childhood friend, the cute but simple Ken. Using all his cunning and wiles, Takayuki's determined to win over Ken

Junior Escort

by Hanafubuki Sakurako (Author/Artist)

1) Junior Escort
The world of show business. The charisma talent Mizuhara and super idol Aikawa are tied together by the 'contract' of a scandalous night. The black rumors murmur..
2) Paparazzi Channel
Sequel to Junior Escort
3) Angelic Seduction
4) Behind Closed Doors
About a character with terrible physical and psychological scars
5) So Lovable, So Kind
Delightful love story about insomnia and sex
6) Baku